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2010-05-06 16:48:04 by FeekProductions

Just finished up sex education, whoopie. Not as scarred as people would thought I would be. XD

Turns out the whole "Austy and Cheddar" thing didn't work out so well, but I'm still going on. Got a whole bunch of ideas that I can't keep track of.

Crazy stuff happening right now. I just deleted a HUGE virus mounted on my USB. Also I'm posting these sentences like somebody's actually reading them... Oh well, gotta post this info somewhere.


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2010-05-06 16:58:20

Do you mean to say you took a class that was based on educating you about sex? At your posted age I assume that would be a waste of time.

You have to watch out for those viruses. Too many popular sites not having adequate security systems can lead to things like that. Of course people need adequate anti-virus software as well to prevent some program from screwing with your computer files.

FeekProductions responds:

Health class in college...

I didn't need any type of software - I just deleted the virus with the Command Prompt.