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2010-05-29 22:13:39 by FeekProductions

Holy CRUD, I just got a gMail from Newgrounds saying i was 26!!! Srsly? I need to pay more attention cuz I'm 13!!!

Anyway, I rechanged my age to the appropriate year, and about that comment on the "Whee..." thing, it's nothing - my mom has access to my account when I'm away. I talked to her about that, and she's not gonna butt her wai into my business anymore :). Anywayz, I hope you disregard any hard feelings - it was a big mistake nontheless. I'm still the same "me", whatever the heck I am.

Soooooo much going on right now, it was my birthday on the 28th. Next time Im gonna see if I can spend it at Hooters XDDDDDD. My parents bought me an XBOX 260 and, like, 5 games. Anybody here play Left 4 Dead 2? I do now, and it's pretty frickin' sweet. Only problem is that I have dial-up and can't get onto XBOX Live : (

Nothing much going on in the Flash catergory, just waiting for dat spark of inspiration. I might try to start a collab called "Horrible Games Collab '10", anybody w@nna join? See more info at my site's projects page.

That's pretty much it 4 now. Gotta lot of school stuff ahead of me. For instance, I've gotta finish up a claymation project for Advanced Tech that's due after memorial day. BTW, you guys will NOT be seeing that, neither on Newgrounds or on my site. Seriously, it's crap.



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