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Especially on an animator's side of things, so check out how I did it:


Not the best animation I've ever done, but two out of five isn't bad for my first post. Once I start making more intricate illustrations, more background character, and possibly a longer and better storyline, Newgrounds will see me again...

So g'bye for now, and have a good christmas. May the force be with you.


2011-06-29 09:33:00 by FeekProductions

Got three more animations posted on Youtube: What Happened to Charlie, Weird Zombie Thing, and Tornadoes Henderson (tornadoes is on a different channel because it was a contest).

I've won that contest, and got $300 (which lasted an hour), an interview on the Paul Dingeman show (local channel), and I've got an animation job with Michigan State Extended. So, lots going on right now, and I'm happy :D

Of course, however, I will still be contributing to sites such as YouTube, Newgrounds and Albino Black Sheep (whichever I feel like uploading to), but that's in the works right now, and that's for another day.

Here's the link to the Paul Dingeman Show interview. I'm the blonde one across from Paul:

And here's the link to my YouTube Channel:

Feel free to subscribe, and thank you for the support! :)

That went pretty good

2010-11-28 19:01:21 by FeekProductions

My first uploaded animation went better than I thought it would, check it out here

Boy what a summer

2010-08-01 19:50:22 by FeekProductions

I missed the deadline for the Blue Water film festival, and I got pink eye in both of my eyes, which blurred out my vision and made me unable to use modern day electronics. That made me stay home from wrestling camp, and I got caught up in one of my sister's horrible "schemes". Oh, and I've had writers block for about 2 months. Wow, I'm beat. Oh well, at least I'm occupied :-)

Boy what a summer


2010-05-29 22:13:39 by FeekProductions

Holy CRUD, I just got a gMail from Newgrounds saying i was 26!!! Srsly? I need to pay more attention cuz I'm 13!!!

Anyway, I rechanged my age to the appropriate year, and about that comment on the "Whee..." thing, it's nothing - my mom has access to my account when I'm away. I talked to her about that, and she's not gonna butt her wai into my business anymore :). Anywayz, I hope you disregard any hard feelings - it was a big mistake nontheless. I'm still the same "me", whatever the heck I am.

Soooooo much going on right now, it was my birthday on the 28th. Next time Im gonna see if I can spend it at Hooters XDDDDDD. My parents bought me an XBOX 260 and, like, 5 games. Anybody here play Left 4 Dead 2? I do now, and it's pretty frickin' sweet. Only problem is that I have dial-up and can't get onto XBOX Live : (

Nothing much going on in the Flash catergory, just waiting for dat spark of inspiration. I might try to start a collab called "Horrible Games Collab '10", anybody w@nna join? See more info at my site's projects page.

That's pretty much it 4 now. Gotta lot of school stuff ahead of me. For instance, I've gotta finish up a claymation project for Advanced Tech that's due after memorial day. BTW, you guys will NOT be seeing that, neither on Newgrounds or on my site. Seriously, it's crap.


Adobe Photoshop CS5

2010-05-16 20:03:01 by FeekProductions

I just recently saw a video of Adobe Photoshop CS5, and it looks like a definite buy for me - it could really help me in the Flash department. Speaking of which, check out my site for more updates. I might start on something pretty soon. I'm just waiting for that little drop of inspiration...


2010-05-06 16:48:04 by FeekProductions

Just finished up sex education, whoopie. Not as scarred as people would thought I would be. XD

Turns out the whole "Austy and Cheddar" thing didn't work out so well, but I'm still going on. Got a whole bunch of ideas that I can't keep track of.

Crazy stuff happening right now. I just deleted a HUGE virus mounted on my USB. Also I'm posting these sentences like somebody's actually reading them... Oh well, gotta post this info somewhere.


2010-04-10 21:46:05 by FeekProductions

Hi. My name's Alex. I'm sorta new to Newgrounds. My friends liked some of my work in Flash, so they asked me to get an account. I happily obligued, and... well, here I am.

Not doing much right now. Just sitting around being lazy. Oh, and I'm working on an animated series named "Austy and Cheddar" which I hope to get some lulz off of. And that's all there is to it. BTW, the dude in my picture wearing the tin can is Cheddar.

Leave a comment if you wish, I love getting feedback from others :D. Next post will include updates.